Patrick Kennedy
Amy Grant
Kim Zandy from 92 PRO-FM
April O'Dell from ABC 6 News
Jon Bauman as Bowzer
from Sha Na Na
Tony Petrarca
Meteorologist WPRI 12 News
Spice & Tygress
World Championship Wrestling
Tony "The Dancing Cop"
Dwayne Johnson - The Rock
World Wrestling Entertainment
Ronald Reagan with my dad, Alfredo
(1991) in Miami Beach, Florida
Triple H and Chyna (Joanie Laurer)
World Wrestling Entertainment
ABC 6 News Team
Mark Margolis played Shadow
Anthony Ruivivar and Coby Bell
of "Third Watch" in New York City
Anthony Ruivivar of "Third Watch"
Dinner - August 15, 2004 in New York City
Frank Gorshin
The Original Riddler in “Batman”
Captain Lou Albano
Legend and WWE Wrestler Hall of Famer
(July 29, 1933 – October 14, 2009)

Photo of us at my house, waiting for the Limo to head out to a Wrestling Event
"Danger Boy" Alfredo and Captain Lou as my manager!
Musician Tiny Tim
George Carlin
Singer Roger Whittaker
Guest of Stephen P. Laffey
Mayor - City Of Cranston, RI
Bucky Dent - New York Yankees
Boston Red Sox Fans!
Mick Foley - WWE
@ Story Land in Glen, New Hampshire
Mayor - City of Cranston, RI
Stephen P. Laffey
Guest of Alan Shawn Feinstein
Mayor - Town of Johnston, RI
William R. Macera
Mayor - City of Warwick, RI
Scott Avedisian
Debbie Damiano
Miss USA Rhode Island 1989
United States Senator
Jack Reed – Rhode Island
Randy Bottella - Reliable Collision
"The Right Choice in Collision Repair"
Photo Collection
Gary Michael Cappetta from
World Wrestling Entertainment
Mick Foley - World Wrestling Entertainment
@ Story Land in Glen, New Hampshire
Former Lieutenant Governor of RI
Charles Fogarty Jr.
Woonsocket Police Chief
Thomas Carey
Dave Coulier from Full House
(as Joey Gladstone)
Michelle Muscatello - WPRI TV
@ East Bay Idol
Davey Morris from 92 PRO-FM
The Official Disc-Jockey to the Stars!
Erica Ricci - ABC 6 News
Filmed for a television News segment!
Brian Harnois from Ghost Hunters
Mayor - City of Providence, RI
Angel Taveras  
Mayor - City of Woonsocket, RI
Leo Fontaine
Tony Lepore
"The Dancing Cop"
Tony Lepore
"The Dancing Cop"
Erica Ricci
ABC 6 News
Erin Kennedy
WPRI 12 News and Fox Providence
Mayor - City of Woonsocket, RI
Leo Fontaine
Official Disc Jockey Service to
City of Woonsocket, RI
Mayor Allan Fung
City Of Cranston, RI
Cranston Walmart Grand Opening
Brendan P. Doherty
Kelly Marot
Mrs. Rhode Island 2004
Bobby Braciola
Italian Singer / Rapper
Alexandra Cowley
from ABC6 News
Abbey Niezgoda
from ABC6 News