How Do You Define… Quality Entertainment?
At Sound Force Unlimited our entertainers
Are professionals in every respect…
The way they dress, the way they present themselves
And especially the way they interact with your guest.

Your entertainment will be problem free.
We show up early and play the full amount of time agreed upon.
We coordinate the entertainment with the caterers, photographer
And party planners to make every last detail perfect so you can relax
And enjoy your “Special” day.

Equipment alone does not make your event a success.  
But our state of the art sound system provides our entertainers
with the power to play your favorite music
with crystal clear clarity at any volume level,
without distortion.  You’ll marvel at the quality.  

Dance floors get a “major” workout at our affairs
because we know how to get your guests excited and involved in the fun.
No one will want to go home!

Call Me for More Information
About Our Unbeatable Rates, Availability and
schedule an appointment for a Meet and Greet and see
my portfolio, photo albums and a DVD presentation of what I do.
For Your Next Event, Function or Wedding!

Sound Force Unlimited @ (401) 943-5558

The quality of your entertainment
determines the success of your affair.
It makes everything else right.
It makes the food taste better,
The flowers look fresher and prettier,
The Hall or Ballroom of your event look grander.

Why you ask?
Because Great Entertainment makes your guests have more fun.
Everything is “Better” when you are having fun!

Remember, the two things that people remember and talk most
about after a wedding is the FOOD and The MUSIC!
At least with me, you already got one RIGHT!
Meet The A-Team
Alfredo and Terrie
“As someone who has hired many DJ services for middle school dances during the past
several years there are a few things I look for when hiring a new DJ service.  The first is
the price since our dances are a major form of fund raising.  The second is the selection
of music since some of today’s music is inappropriate for the age of the students who
attend our dances.  The third is the quality of the DJ and his ability to keep everyone
entertained and to accommodate requests.  I can say without hesitation that Sound Force
Unlimited easily met this entire criterion.  Their price was fair, the selection of music
was great and Alfredo kept the dance moving.  I have had the pleasure of dealing with
Alfredo in other ventures and felt confident in hiring his DJ service and I was not
disappointed.  I would highly recommend Sound Force Unlimited for your school dance!”
                                                                                             - Brian Skalski
Mr. Brian Skalski
Knotty Oak Middle School - Coventry, RI
December 17, 2004
Hey I wanted to tell you that the girls had a great time at the Competition. You took to cheer leading like a fish to water
(When do you want to cheer for me). Everyone was very entertained the entire time. So many people told me what a great job
you did, it's hard to keep that many people of different ages entertained at once, but you seemed to have no problem.  
You had mothers and fathers of all ages dancing on the stands it was hysterical.
Thanks for everything you were great as always. We could have never done it without you.  
Shirley Corio, Owner - April 2, 2006
Xtreme Spirit Cheer Academy, LLC
St. David’s Play School in Cranston, Rhode Island  November 2004

Our Family Halloween Party was great! Thank you to everyone who helped with the
preparations and clean up and to all those who so generously donated food and helped to
decorate. Thank you to the moms and dads for all the help with the party activities. The
children loved playing the great games. Your enthusiasm and help are very much appreciated!
A special thank you to Mr. Travieso, Haley’s dad, for the musical entertainment.
It was one of the best parties ever!
"If You Are Not  
Professional or Reliable
Enough To Be
On the Staff,

Donald Trump
Quality Entertainment?

Sound Force Unlimited was a Proud Sponsor of
Cranston National Budlong Little League Baseball
Tee-Ball Team: Sound Force Unlimited
The look when the guests at your party or wedding realize
YOU did not call Sound Force Unlimited for your Entertainment!
Mr. Brian Skalski
Alan Shawn Feinstein Middle School of Coventry, RI
September 11, 2015
Haley Marie